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AlbumHoa đồng tiền

  Số lần xem: 19994 Số ảnh: 42 Post by: wildflower
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Ngày: 26/02/2007 2:41:03 CH
  Từ khoá: hoa dong tien,cac loai hoa, hoa đồng tiền ,c?c loại hoa,flower






























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Ngày gửi: 26/02/2007 3:06:15 CH

The Gerbera Story

At all seminars and mediumship demonstrations, it is my practice to give a small gift from those that have crossed, to those that received a connection on the night. The flowers are generally roses.

At a recent seminar however, roses were unavailable and were substituted with some wonderfully coloured Gerberas. I was somewhat surprised that roses were unavailable, but had a suspicion that spirit had a hand in this. As the night progressed these flowers were given out to all that received readings.

One group of about 8 people received strong messages from many family members, including a young man who had recently passed in a trucking accident. This proved to be a very moving and special connection as his passing was tragic, sudden and recent. His family received a Gerbera from me.

Some months after this seminar the story of this families reaction to their connection was relayed to me. As is so often the case, spirit was to direct proceedings at that seminar - the young man who had come through so strongly for his family had spent the past few weeks of his life with his wife and family planting Gerberas in his gardens at home. Some may say coincidence... I think not.

At the same seminar another member of the group, who I will call Sue, received a connection from her mother who had passed some time before. Others in her group also received small connections. This group also received a single Gerbera.

Again the story was relayed to me that Sue had this single gerbera for 5 weeks after the event. The Gerbera looked as fresh and colourful as the day it was given to her. Her friends who had also received connections managed only a few days before their flowers expired. Again coincidence or a very special validation from Sue's mother ??

I have no doubt Roses where never going to be available for that night, and it helps to show just how connections to our loved ones after they cross can be made even though a simple flower.



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